2020 ICPC North America Championship

February 19-23, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

hosted by

Georgia Tech College of Computing

Schedule of Events

NAC Scoreboard

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Top university competitive programming teams will compete for medals, rankings, and to become the 2020 ICPC North America Champions.

The table below shows the 2019 North America Regional Contests that advance teams to the ICPC North America Championship:


Regional Contests

Pacific Northwest

East Central

Southern California


Rocky Mountain

Greater New York

North Central

Mid Atlantic USA

South Central

Southeastern USA

Mid Central

Total: 55

Eighteen (18) of the 2019 ICPC North America teams will advance to the
2020 ICPC World Finals by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

1.    Win the 2020 ICPC North America Championship,

2.    Win one of six (6) medals at the 2020 ICPC North America Championship,

3.    Win a wildcard slot at the 2020 ICPC North America Championship, or

4.    Win one of the eleven (11) 2019 North America Regional Contests.

The 2020 ICPC World Finals will be held in Moscow, Russia, Jun 21-26, 2020, hosted by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.